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Welcome to Cheltenham Construction Services – where precision meets passion, and skill creates skyline. As a premier construction company in Missouri, we’re seeking dedicated carpenters to join our team.


Our projects range from residential to commercial, with every nail and plank placed with precision. As a part of our team, you’ll contribute to shaping Missouri’s skyline and crafting structures that stand the test of time. 

Unlike other building services, we provide our carpenters with the best tools to ensure we always have the right tools to get the job done.


Interior Trim



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Featured Projects

Take a look at our portfolio of structures defining Missouri’s landscape – monuments of our commitment to excellence and testament to our carpenters’ talents. With Cheltenham, your craftsmanship can shape tomorrow’s landmarks.

About Us

Cheltenham Construction Services is more than a company, it’s a community of builders and creators crafting the future of Missouri: Led by President Vic Hoerstkamp. Our team prides itself on delivering the highest quality construction and maintaining a reputation for professionalism and integrity.

Hear it from our carpenters:

"Cheltenham is a company that values your skillset and provides opportunities for growth."

Discover a career that appreciates your craft and invests in your potential

A Growing Team Of Skilled carpenters

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Are you ready to advance your carpentry career with the leading construction company in Missouri? Join Cheltenham Construction Services today and become a part of building Missouri’s future.